About Me

About Me

My name is Jenny, founder of Alyssum Therapies. 


I decided to name my Practice Alyssum Therapies because the Alyssum flower has a few meanings, historically it was used for healing or to keep bad spirits a bay. However, the Alyssum flower also means paradise and worth beyond beauty...


My passion creating Alyssum Therapies is for people to see their worth.



I understand that it can be hard to talk about your difficulties and articulate what is going on for you, especially if you do not really understand yourself or fear judgement when you start to open up. You may be feeling anxious, sad or frustrated with what may be going on right now.


Counselling can offer you time and space to gently explore your difficulties and the thoughts and feelings they bring. Together we can talk about your past or present experiences and build an awareness and understanding of what it is you need to move forward towards positive change. We can also start to recognise unhelpful thoughts and the difficulties they bring whether that be stress, anxiety, loneliness, relationship difficulties or sadness.

Developing a sense of clarity and better understanding of yourself, we can look at helpful coping stratergies and develop a psychological tool box.


My experience has mainly been working with Trauma. When we experience trauma we can suppress what has happened, because it can be too painful or confusing to understand or we may not be in a situation where we are able to process trauma.

Working with suppressed emotions and feelings that are usually within the unconscious, we tend not to be aware of them. However, when we are aware of the feelings and emotions we have suppressed, we can then start to understand our thoughts and feelings and build a self awareness and clarity of the reasons why we are suffering or facing difficulties now.

Through our explorations we can start to recognise patterns of behaviours and unhelpful thinking, exploring how these can affect our relationships and confindence.

 Trauma can often lead to feelings of anxiety, sadness, rejection and not feeling good enough. It can manifest in behaviours such as avoiding or people pleasing. 

People often think their traumatic experience is not as bad as others or inconsequential. They look at others experience and judge their own against them. However, just because your traumatic experience doesn't look as bad on the surface that does not mean it is any less traumatic or has less adverse effects.

Even in the most awful conditions a flower can start to bud, imagine how it can flourish when the right conditions are offered………



If you would like to know more information about my services please do get in touch (by clicking here).


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